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The History of Chrome for Those Who Don’t Know

April 17, 2014

Phoenix TS Intern

Source: millionchimpanzees.blogspot.com

Long, long ago, in the ancient technology days of 2008, Google Chrome made its debut. This newer, faster, sleeker design for a browser was definitely going places.

What is Chromium?

The Chromium project is an “open source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web.” The name chromium refers mostly to the steely-gray, lustrous, hard and brittle metal element. It takes a high polish, resists tarnishing, and has a high melting point.

The Chromium Project was started before Google Chrome was created. Chromium is a source code that can be altered, tested, and developed by anyone who’s interested. In its early stages, the source code included builds for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Since then, developers made Chromium different, better, and into a full functioning operating system.

Why is Chrome different from other browsers

For non-techies, who use Firefox, IE (hope not) and other browsers, Google Chrome is a minimalist web browser that’s smart enough to provide a comfortable and user-friendly web surfing experience. The Google search function is automatically built into the URL bar. Similar to Firefox, Chrome offers a convenient password manager. Though be wary of browser security issues.

The browser has incognito mode and it saves your search preferences. This last feature creates an even faster browsing experience, but that may scare a few privacy minded individuals away.

Overall, Chrome trumps IE and battles with Mozilla Firefox for the top spot as an internet browser. Even with privacy concerns, it’s hard to ignore the smooth functionality that exists.

Stay on top of the latest Chromium Updates

If you’re interested in looking up all of the developments, check out the Chromium’s Blog. While we’re learning about those developments, did you know that there are other browsers based on Chromium? Here’s a few.

  • Opera – Fluid, no-nonsense design that makes it easy to navigate pages.
  • Orbitum – More of a social media browser that connects all of the user’s networks.
  • Titan Browser – New, fast, secure and anonymous.
  • Yandex – Simple, easy-to-use, clutter free.
  • Torch – Includes a ton of extensions, several for  media purposes.
  • Comodo Dragon – Lets users opt out of a lot of Google features like user tracking, intuitive search and crash reports.

Google Chrome is a product of Chromium. They act the same, but look a little different (like the many other browsers above). Since Google Chrome’s creation and release, Chromium was acquired by the company. It’s still open source though.

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