Meetup Recap: Geospatial Data Management and Security

February 11, 2015

Guest Author

Last night we had the privilege of listening to a talk on Geospatial Data Management and Security by Tim Loomis, a Senior Systems Engineer, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Environmental Visualization Lab.

Tim addressed a wide variety of topics pertaining to the data flow, management, security, and relevance of geospatial data visualization. He highlighted the value of this immense geospatial data, how it affects the growth of the Internet of Things, how computers communicate and report data from devices, and other factors .

Prognosticate like an idiot and predict the future

Idiots predict the future. This common statement and theme set the tone for the talk.

We cannot replicate the talk Tim presented last night. Listen to the entire talk recorded in the video below.

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