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Open Source Project Management with ]project-open[

July 10, 2014

Guest Author

Without structure and organization for business projects, your company could take a tumble as it fails to manage chaos. This is even more crucial if your company attempts to transition from startup phase to growing enterprise. Yet when software, hardware, and other costs start to pile up, how do you manage?

Turn to open source tools. In this post we highlight the importance of open source project management tools, specifically ]project-open[.

This software is not solely for project managers, but an entire organization looking to enhance their communication and collaboration efforts. Effective collaboration tools become even more important as companies invest in the mobile and remote workforce.

Don’t sacrifice quality for cost

Savvy restaurant owners say they turn profit by counting the dimes, nickels, and pennies of each and every business expense. You may drop a penny and not care to pick it up, but a lot of pennies add up. In a fast moving tech startup world, those wasted pennies can crush your dreams and hopes. With the competition breathing down your neck, enlisting smart and frugal financial sense is critical for growth.

The money saved from the open source embrace will inspire smiles all around the office. The less costs for software and office supplies, the more free money in the budget to invest elsewhere. Most skeptics of open source products complain about not only the learning curve, but the quality you sacrifice when not choosing proprietary software. With the increased support, community collaboration backing these projects, the typical skeptic’s justification falls short in an argument.

Take Microsoft for example. They stand as a long time adversary of everything Linux. Despite Microsoft’s closed source software, they now look to open source development for assistance. Software innovation comes faster through open source development and project management tools are no exception.

Over 100,000 companies use ]po[

Over “100,000 companies in 25 countries” rely on ]project-open[ as an all inclusive project management tool. If the quality suffered, businesses would not run on ]po[. This evidence alone should at least give your CEO’s reason to reconsider project management software and tools for running business operations, especially when a platform such as ]po[ includes project planning and tracking, invoicing, time sheets, CRM, sales, risk management, and additional features.

This tool is built as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Depending on the size and needs of your organization, you can add various modules available with ]po[. If you need to exercise greater control over your business, perhaps join the 100,000+ others who invested in ]project-open[.

There are countless other open source project management tools available. If you’re intimidated by the variety of options, then follow the example of our marketing team and others who use the free web-based platform Trello.

What project management tools does your organization use? 

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