Phoenix TS Celebrates One Year in New IT Training Center

August 3, 2011

Al Choubeneh
IT Training Center Columbia, MD

This week we’re celebrating our one year anniversary in our new IT training center headquarters in Columbia, MD.  So much has changed in our first year here, yet so much remains the same.

Phoenix TS was incorporated back in 1998 and since then, we’ve trained thousands of IT and Management professionals from all types of organizations around the World. But until a year ago we only sent trainers to client sites, eliminating the need for a center with its own classrooms.

When we finally decided to expand and build our own facility, we wanted to do it right.  So we picked Columbia to be right in between the busy Baltimore and Washington markets, chose the Columbia Mall as the backdrop to our IT training center for our students’ convenience, used bright colors in our spacious and cozy break room, setup classrooms with snug chairs and bright open windows, built a large comfortable testing center, and created an all around welcoming and friendly atmosphere for our students to enjoy (Check out pics of our facility on Google +).

So what’s changed since we moved in?  For starters, we’re growing by leaps and bounds.  Since this time last year, our training income has grown by 110%, more than doubling our revenue.  Our client base has grown too, now encompassing several new organizations within the DoD in addition to new non-DOD Federal business.  Dozens of new private sector companies have also been added to our client roster.

We’ve achieved Learning Partnership status with industry giants such as Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, ISACA and others. We’ve added dozens of new courses to our catalog with many more on the way. We’ve reorganized our corporate and financial structure to become more scalable and flexible.  We rebuilt and optimized our website for better searchability (not a word but should be) and functionality. Finally, we began a brand new marketing drive to inform all interested parties of our presence, our services and our progress, hence this new blog!

Through it all, the only constant is our commitment to quality.  We strive to provide an unbeatable training experience to our students, starting with the highest caliber of trainers in the industry and ending with fantastic customer service. The free breakfast spread comprising of doughnuts, bagels, fruits and yogurt and the afternoon freshly baked cookies are nothing compared to the eye opening learning experiences awaiting our students. No wonder they always come back for more.

At Phoenix TS, you’ll feel like you’re learning at home.  Why don’t you come by and see for yourself?

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