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What is Project+?

December 11, 2015

Guest Author

This blog post explains the skills, knowledge, and purpose of the CompTIA Project+ certification.

What Skills and Knowledge Does Project+ Address?

The CompTIA Project+ certification verifies an Information Technology professional’s comprehension of fundamental project management knowledge and skills. The course outline and Project+ exam objectives provide insight about the course content.

The course outline covers topics such as:

  • The Project Lifecycle
  • Strategic and Operational Relevance
  • Project Feasibility
  • Statements of Work and Project Charters
  • Project Stakeholders
  • Project Risk Management
  • Managing Project Costs, Quality, and the Timeline

Read the full CompTIA Project+ outline here.

Who is Project+ for?

According to CompTIA, the certification is intended for Project Team Members, Managers, Business Analysts, and IT professionals who work in project management or leadership roles.

Different online question boards offer unique perspectives to this question. One user posted this question on Spiceworks, “Is CompTIA Server+ and CompTIA Project+ cert worth getting?”. Two commenters responded by stating “Project+ is only useful if you plan to move to management” and “If you’re aiming for a government job then I believe it’s worth it. Big companies (with big HR department) also see them in good light”.

Those answers force you to consider different factors of your career intentions. What type of company and what size company do you intend/want to work for? Do you have the flexibility to choose? Government agencies and those contractors/companies with government contracts, value CompTIA certifications. Larger commercial companies with established Human Resources departments credit accreditations as well. They use certification as a baseline to qualify or disqualify job candidates.

See if you are ready to take a Project+ course with us by taking this free and short Project+ quiz. Don’t worry, if you don’t pass this quiz an email with the correct answers and explanations will be sent to you. This way you can take the assessment again and pass with ease.

Are you eventually going after the PMP certification?

This question determines the relevancy of a Project+. If you’re pursuing the PMP, then Project+ could serve as a stepping stone to the higher level certification. Even though this seems logical, you may want to consider the CAPM certification instead since it is developed by the Project Management Institute as the natural certification prior to PMP.

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