A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Certificate Program

The Odyssey Program

> Immersive skills-based learning program
> Hands-on experiences designed to help you gain proficiency in all key areas of information security
> Apprenticeship-style approach offers a realistic learning environment
> One-on-one coaching and mentoring tailored to individual needs
> Cohort-based classes provide an intimate and collaborative experience
> Weekly small-group meetings for enhanced support and growth
> Master critical skills before moving on to the next level
> Ensures 100% project-based learning

The Odyssey Program

Student Reviews

“I haven’t seen anything out there that excites me like this does.”

-College Cyber Security Instructor

“I like how the class was created around an investigation of cyber security crime. It was cool to learn as if I was solving a real cyber-crime.”

- Cyber Odyssey Student

“It’s hard to express how much Cyber Academy changed my life. It turned my life around. When I enrolled, I was dropout who was making a meager living as a massage therapist-I always knew my potential was being squandered, but I didn’t think there was any way to change that without going back to college. I discovered that infosec is a field full of intelligent, curiosity-driven people just like me… and not only that, but it’s a field where curiosity is not merely tolerated but prized. I felt I had finally found my people. When I enrolled, I wasn’t expecting to make a massive career change within a few months. Within a month of completing Cyber Academy, I had a full-time job with benefits for the first time in my life-and I’ve never felt happier or felt more fulfilled. My work is meaningful and never boring. In spite of being quite new to the field and never indicating any interest in seeking new employment, I regularly turn down new job offers. In infosec, it matters more WHAT YOU CAN DO than what degrees or certifications you have. And that’s exactly what Cyber Academy taught me-how to actually DO infosec.”

- Cyber Academy Graduate

“I never realized I could do what I did during the first 4-5 weeks of this course. It makes me feel motivated, and I find the work very addictive. No matter what goes on, I cannot stop thinking about the tasks and trying to find solutions day and night. I look forward to what is going to come next and many more valuable topics during this course.”

- Cyber Academy Graduate

“Before enrolling in the Cyber Academy, I was working as the digital marketing manager for an e-commerce website. Although my work revolved around online transactions, I had very little understanding of information security. The Cyber Academy has had a resounding impact on my professional career. I was able to secure employment within the information security field in less than one year. From reverse engineering binary files and developing software exploits to analyzing malware and responding to targeted cyber attacks, the many skills I developed are sought after by countless employers. Although I have no intention of changing positions any time soon, it is reassuring to know that I am equipped with a competitive resume and an impressive portfolio of professional quality work if I do in the future.”

- Cyber Academy Graduate

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