AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification

Validate your technical skills and grow your career.

Phoenix TS instructor-led course is intended for newcomers to AWS. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate demonstrates AWS technical skills. Associate is the first step in AWS to becoming an AWS expert.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) examination is meant for candidates who have a traditional solutions architect background with several years of hands-on experience.

These individuals usually design frugal, durable, and scalable systems on AWS. Learn more about why to get this certification and how Phoenix TS training courses can help you pass your exam.

Why Take The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification?

  • Your certification places you at the front of the line.
  • Passing the exam will allow you to attain industry-recognized merit from AWS that says: you know what you’re doing. It proves to your employer that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to earn top dollar when you work for them.
  • Use your proven knowledge to contribute to the development of cloud-based solutions for your organization. Plan, design and scale AWS cloud implementations using best practices taught by Amazon.

Increase Your Salary:

  • In 2019, the average starting salary of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate was around $130,000.
  • Increase your chances of promotion
  • If you’re hoping to expand your salary, continued education and certification training is the way to go

Abilities Validated by the Certification

  • Effectively demonstrate knowledge of how to architect and deploy secure and robust applications on AWS technologies
  • Define a solution using architectural design principles based on customer requirements
  • Provide implementation guidance based on best practices to the organization throughout the life cycle of the project

Recommended Knowledge and Experience

  • Firsthand experience using compute, networking, storage, and database AWS services
  • Firsthand experience with AWS deployment and management services
  • Ability to classify and define technical requirements for an AWS-based application
  • Ability to classify which AWS services meet a given technical requirement
  • Knowledge of recommended best practices for building secure and reliable applications on the AWS Platform
  • An awareness of the basic architectural principles of building on the AWS Cloud
  • An awareness of the AWS global infrastructure
  • Awareness of network technologies as they relate to AWS
  • An awareness of security features and tools that AWS provides and how they relate to traditional services

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Scoring

Domain 1: Design Resilient Architectures – 30%
Domain 2: Design High-Performing Architectures – 28%
Domain 3: Design Secure Applications and Architectures – 24%
Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures – 18%
TOTAL -100%

AWS Exam Topics

Domain 1: Design Resilient Architectures

1.1 Design a multi-tier architecture solution
1.2 Design highly available and/or fault-tolerant architectures
1.3 Design decoupling mechanisms using AWS services
1.4 Choose appropriate resilient storage

Domain 2: Design High-Performing Architectures

2.1 Identify elastic and scalable compute solutions for a workload
2.2 Select high-performing and scalable storage solutions for a workload
2.3 Select high-performing networking solutions for a workload
2.4 Choose high-performing database solutions for a workload

Domain 3: Design Secure Applications and Architectures

3.1 Design secure access to AWS resources
3.2 Design secure application tiers
3.3 Select appropriate data security options

Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures

4.1 Identify cost-effective storage solutions
4.2 Identify cost-effective compute and database services
4.3 Design cost-optimized network architectures

Prepare for Your Exam

The best way to prepare is with the first-hand experience. Taking advantage of the opportunities that Phoenix TS provides will assist you with gathering all the knowledge and skills you’ll need for certification. Phoenix TS offers three courses to help you prepare for your exam.

Phoenix TS AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Learning Pathways


  • AWS Technical Essentials

    Start from scratch to learn the AWS technical framework. Beginners become familiar with products, services, and best practices.

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  • Architecting on AWS

    Course Overview AWS Certification Course Overview Our 3-day, instructor-led, Architecting on AWS Training course covers the fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on AWS. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s leading cloud platform and offers 200+ fully featured services from data centers worldwide. With the technical training provided by this AWS Certification course, expect to […]

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  • Architecting on AWS – Accelerator

    Course Overview This 5-day AWS course combines topics covered in Architecting on AWS and Advanced Architecting on AWS to offer a comprehensive, immersive course in cloud architecture. Students will learn about AWS services including computing, storage, database, networking, security monitoring, automation, optimization and more. Students will also be able to experience hands on learning to […]

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