TSHOOT Certification Training

This training addresses the troubleshooting tools and methodologies that are used to identify and resolve issues in complex enterprise networks.

Course Overview

This 5-day TSHOOT (Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks ) training and certification boot camp in Washington, DC Metro, Tysons Corner, VA, Columbia, MD or Live Online is part of the CCNP certification path. It is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to document the commonly performed maintenance functions and provide troubleshooting within an enterprise network. In addition, students will be led through all the exam objectives so that they are properly prepared to handle the TSHOOT exam at the end of the course.


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Course Outline

Tools and Methodologies of Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting principles
  • Structured troubleshooting approaches
    • Top-down troubleshooting approach
    • Bottom-up troubleshooting approach
    • Divide-and-Conquer troubleshooting approach
    • Follow-the-Path troubleshooting approach
    • Compare-Configurations troubleshooting approach
    • Swap-Components troubleshooting approach
  • Troubleshooting example using six different approaches

Structured Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting method and procedure
  • Troubleshooting example based on the structured method and procedures

Network Maintenance Tasks and Best Practices

  • Structured network maintenance
  • Network maintenance processes and procedures
  • Network maintenance services and tools
  • Integrating troubleshooting into the network maintenance process

Basic Switching and Routing Process and Effective IOS Troubleshooting Commands

  • Basic Layer 2 switching process
  • Basic Layer 3 routing process
  • Selective information gathering using IOS show commands, debug commands, ping, and Telnet

Using Specialized Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools

  • Categories of troubleshooting tools
  • Traffic-capturing features and tools
  • Information gathering with SNMP
  • Information gathering with NetFlow
  • Network event notification

Troubleshooting Case Study: SECHNIK Networking

  • SECHNIK networking trouble ticket 1
  • SECHNIK networking trouble ticket 2
  • SECHNIK networking trouble ticket 3

Troubleshooting Case Study: TINC Garbage Disposal

  • TINC Garbage Disposal trouble ticket 1
  • TINC Garbage Disposal trouble ticket 2
  • TINC Garbage Disposal trouble ticket 3
  • TINC Garbage Disposal trouble ticket 4

Troubleshooting Case Study: PILE Forensic Accounting

  • PILE Forensic Accounting trouble ticket 1
  • PILE Forensic Accounting trouble ticket 2
  • PILE Forensic Accounting trouble ticket 3
  • PILE Forensic Accounting trouble ticket 4
  • PILE Forensic Accounting trouble ticket 5

Troubleshooting Case Study: RADULKO Transport

  • RADULKO Transport trouble ticket 1
  • RADULKO Transport trouble ticket 2
  • RADULKO Transport trouble ticket 3
  • RADULKO Transport trouble ticket 4


300-135 TSHOOT exam details

  • Number of Questions: 15-25
  • Passing Score: 790/Variable
  • Test Duration: 120 minutes
  • Test Format: Some multiple choice questions, but primarily testlets, simlets and router simulations
  • Test Delivery: Pearson VUE
Exam Objectives
Network Principles
Layer 2 Technologies
Layer 3 Technologies
VPN Technologies
Infrastructure Security
Infrastructure Services

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TSHOOT Training FAQs

Who should take this course?

This course is intended for Network Engineers, Help Desk Technicians
Technical Support Personnel, and IT professionals responsible for configuring and maintaining switched networks.

What is the recommended experience for this course?

Students should have at least one year of networking experience,
CCNA Routing and Switching certification, and knowledge of IP and internetworking technologies.

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