Chef Essentials Training

Course Overview

This 2-day instructor-led Chef Essentials training teaches students critical skills and knowledge. Upon completion of this training students should be able to:

  • Automate the configuration, deployment and management of servers
  • Understand Chef architecture and the set of tools included in the Chef Development Kit


Chef Essentials Training

10/05/21 - 10/14/21 (4 days)

5:00PM - 9:00PM EST


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Course Outline

Configuration Management and Chef

  • What is configuration management?
  • Why you need a configuration management tool to automate IT
  • Why Chef may be a good tool for your enterprise

Configure your Chef Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring all the tools necessary to write Chef automation code
  • Supported development environments:
    • Linux
    • Mac OS X
    • Windows

Ruby and Chef Syntax

  • Ruby overview
  • Ruby syntax

Write your First Chef Recipe

  • Create a directory structure for your code
  • Write your first Chef recipe
  • Verify your first Chef recipe
  • Recipe specify desired configuration

Manage Sandbox Environments with Test Kitchen

  • Installing Vagrant and VirtualBox
  • Host versus Guest
  • Introducing Test Kitchen
  • Spinning up your first virtual machine
  • YAML overview
  • Test Kitchen Configuration with .kitchen.yml

Manage Nodes with Chef Client

  • Create a New Sandbox Environment For a Node
  • Installing Chef Client with Test Kitchen
  • Your first Chef-Client run
  • Chef Client modes
  • Ohai
  • Accessing node information


  • Motd-Attributes Cookbook
  • Setting Attributes
  • Basic Attribute priority
  • Include_Recipe
  • Attribute precedence
  • Debugging Attributes

Manage Multiple Nodes at Once with Chef Server

  • How to install enterprise Chef server manually
  • Install enterprise Chef server
  • Introducing Idempotence
  • Configure enterprise Chef server
  • RSA key-pairs
  • Testing the connection
  • Bootstrapping a node

Community and the Chef-Client Cookbook

  • Using community cookbooks
  • Chef-Client cookbook
  • Knife cookbook site plugin
  • Manage Chef supermarket cookbooks on your Chef server using Knife cookbook site
  • Chef-Client recipes
  • Configure Knife to use a production SSL setup

Chef Zero


  • Search from the Command Line
  • Search from the Command Line with Knife
  • Search in a Recipe Using Test Kitchen

Data Bags

  • Basic command line Data Bag usage with Knife
  • Creating local users based on Data Bag items in a recipe
  • Encrypted Data Bags
  • Chef-Vault


  • Create a web server role
  • Attributes and roles
  • Roles and Search
  • Role cookbook


  • Create a Dev environment
  • Attributes and environments


  • Testing your Chef automation code
  • Testing rationale
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