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Collaborative Leadership Skills for Future Leaders

Course Overview

This 1 day, instructor led course teaches participants to build the confidence it takes to take the lead. Participants will learn to make decisions and face challenges to successfully lead teams. At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to do the following:

  • · Define “leadership”
  • · Explain and apply the Great Man Theory
  • · Explain and apply the Trait Theory
  • · Understand Transformational Leadership
  • · Understand the people you lead and how to adapt your leadership styles
  • · Explain leading by Directing
  • · Explain leading by Participating
  • · Explain leading by Delegating
  • · Kouzes and Posner
  • · Conduct a personal inventory
  • · Create an action plan
  • · Establish personal goals


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1 Day



Course Outline

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Course objectives
  • Individual objectives
  • Action plans

Module 2: The Evolution of Leadership

  • Defining Leadership
  • Characteristics of a Leader
  • Leadership Principles
  • A Brief History of Leadership
  • Three Theories of Leadership

Module 3: Situational Leadership

  • Situational Leadership: Telling
  • Situational Leadership: Selling
  • Situational Leadership: Participating
  • Situational Leadership: Delegating

Module 4: A Personal Inventory

  • An Introduction to Kouzes and Posner
  • A Personal Inventory
  • Creating an Action Plan
  • Module 5: Modeling the Way
  • Determining Your Way
  • Being an Inspirational Role Model
  • Influencing Others’ Perspectives

Module 6: Inspiring a Shared Vision

  • Choosing Your Vision
  • Communicating Your Vision
  • Identifying the Benefit for Others

Module 7: Challenging the Process

  • Think Outside the Box
  • Developing Your Inner Innovator
  • Seeing Room for Improvement
  • Lobbying for Change

Module 8: Enabling Others to Act

  • Encouraging Growth in Others
  • Creating Mutual Respect
  • The Importance of Trust

Module 9: Encouraging the Heart

  • Sharing Rewards
  • Celebrating Accomplishments
  • Making Celebration Part of Your Culture

Module 10: Basic Influencing Skills

  • The Art of Persuasion
  • The Principles of Influence
  • Creating an Impact

Module 11: Setting Goals

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Creating a Long-Term Plan
  • Creating a Support System

Module 12: Wrapping Up

  • Words from the Wise
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