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Data Science for Leaders: Data Science Methodology Training

This course teaches leaders which tools, techniques & approaches to leverage to improve decision making across the organization.

Course Overview

Our 2-day, instructor-led Data Science for Leaders: Data Science Methodology Training course teaches leaders and executives data science methodology. At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Oversee data science projects
  • Understand how data mining algorithms work so they can better direct their teams
  • Improve communication between domain experts and technical talent
  • Need to maximize the impact of their data through new insights


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Course Outline

Categorizing Observations

  • Identify patterns in your data
  • What is the best way to segment your data?
  • How to target and select stakeholders, customers, and products

Relationship Learning

  • Analyze interactions between people, places and events
  • Determining how messages, ideas and diseases spread
  • Measure the likelihood of an event taking place


  • How do you quantify non-numeric information to learn new insights?
  • How can you analyze text for sentiment and meaning?
  • How to mine social media to understand the context of what is happening


  • How can you predict demand and forecast trends?
  • How can you utilize multiple factors to build an accurate model?
  • How can you adjust a forecast over time to anticipate cyclical and seasonal trends?

Outlier Detection

  • How do you identify unusual data points?
  • How can you identify fraud, anomalies, and aberrations?

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