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DiSC Assessment & Communications Training

Course Overview

The objective of this program is to identify each participant’s personality profile according to the DiSC Workplace assessment. Participants will take the DiSC assessment 5-10 days prior to Day 1 of classroom training. Each participant’s understanding of his or her DiSC profile will inform classroom lessons on principles of communication, emotional intelligence, and personal effectiveness. The program includes assessment, coaching, discussion, group, and individual activities.

At the conclusion of this training program, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Understand their DiSC Workplace assessment profile
  • Apply their DiSC Workplace profile to communication, personal effectiveness, and developing emotional intelligence.
  • Recognize the personality types of their coworkers.
  • Identify and explain the traits of a skilled communicator.
  • Identify and give examples of communication barriers.
  • Practice good listening skills.
  • Deal with communication situations assertively.
  • Define emotional intelligence.
  • Identify the basic human emotions.
  • Identify their influences.
  • Understand why motivation is important
  • Identify common motivators
  • Create a motivational climate
  • Identify the types of teams.
  • Identify their team player type.
  • Develop a team action plan.


Currently, there are no public classes scheduled. Please contact a Phoenix TS Training Consultant to discuss hosting a private class at 240-667-7757.

Course Outline

Day 1

Module 1: Personality Style

Complete the DISC Workplace Assessment

Overview of Personality Styles

Participants Personality style review

Participants personality style in the workplace

Module 2: Personality Types

Cornerstone Principles and Concepts

Four major personality styles

Priorities of each style

Team style influence and member behavior

Representation of each personality style in your workplace

Day 1 Wrap Up

Your personality style in the workplace


Day 2

Module 3: Communication

Defining A Skilled Communicator

Communication Basics

Communication Barriers

Listening Skills

Body Language

Communication Styles

Module 4: Listening Skills

Active Listening Skills

Reading Cues

What is Said and What is Heard

Module 5: Emotional Intelligence

Definitions and Thoughts

Making Connections

Understanding Emotions

Day 2 Wrap-Up

How is your style reflected in the way that you communicate?


Day 3

Module 6: Personal Productivity

Time Management

Setting SMART Goals

Planning and Scheduling Your Success

Why Set Goals

Creating an Action Plan

Module 7: Team Building

Types of Teams

The TORI Team Building Model

The Five Stages of Team Development

Characteristic of Great Teams

What’s Your Team Player Type?

Developing Team Action Plans

Module 8: Motivation

Why Motivation is Important

Identifying Motivators

Creating a Motivational Climate

Day 3 Wrap Up

How is your style reflected in your personal productivity?

How does your style influence your goals and vision?


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