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Employee Performance Discussions Training

This training covers proven communication approaches to reach a common understanding of expectations, monitoring employee performance and providing ongoing feedback.

Course Overview

This 2-day, instructor-led course covers the following topics:

  • Utilize proven communication approaches to reach a common understanding of expectations
  • Monitor performance and provide ongoing feedback to avoid surprises
  • Deliver effective performance- focused feedback
  • Overcome reluctance toward conducting performance-based discussions
  • Eliminate personal issues that get in the way of effective performance discussions
  • Communicate and recognize successful performance
  • Plan interim and annual performance review conversations
  • Recognize the differences between performance and conduct


Currently, there are no public classes scheduled. Please contact a Phoenix TS Training Consultant to discuss hosting a private class at 240-667-7757.


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Course Outline

Getting Started

The Basics

  • What is performance? 
  • How does performance work? 
  • Tools
  • Three-Phase Process
  • Assessments
  • Performance Reviews

Goal Setting

  • SMART Goal Setting 
  • Specific Goals
  • Measurable Goals
  • Attainable Goals
  • Realistic Goals
  • Timely Goals
  • Monitoring Results

Establishing Performance Goals

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Job Analysis
  • Setting Goals
  • Motivation

360 Degree Feedback

  • What is 360 degree feedback? 
  • Vs. Traditional Performance Reviews
  • The Components

Competency Assessments

  • Competency Assessment Defined
  • Implementation
  • Final Destination

Kolb’s Learning Cycle

  • Experience
  • Observation
  • Conceptualization 
  • Experimentation


  • Key Factors
  • The Motivation Organization
  • Identifying Personal Motivators
  • Evaluating and Adapting

The Performance Journal

  • Record Goals and Accomplishments 
  • Linking with Your Employees or Managers
  • Implementing a Performance Coach
  • Keeping Track

Creating a Performance Plan

  • Goals
  • Desired Results
  • Prioritization
  • Measure 
  • Evaluation
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