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Lean Process and Six Sigma

Course Overview

Our 3 – day instructor led, Lean Process and Six Sigma training will give participants the foundation to begin implementing Lean process improvement tools in their workplace as sell as an overview of Six Sigma. The first day will explore the foundations of Lean through the Toyota precepts and the five critical improvement concepts (value, waste, variation, complexity, and continuous improvement). The second day will give participants tools to perform continuous improvement in their organization, including 5S, 5W-2H, PDSA, DMAIC, Kaizen, Genchi Genbutsu, and various Lean data mapping methods. On the third day of the course, students will be introduced to basic concepts of Six Sigma particularly in continuous process improvement. Various quality tools used in process improvements will be explored as well as the importance of customer relationships.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Define Lean and its key terms
  • Describe the Toyota Production System and the TPS house
  • Describe the five critical improvement concepts
  • Use the Kano model to understand, describe, analyze, and improve value
  • Identify and reduce various types of waste
  • Create a plan for a more environmentally Lean organization
  • Use the PDSA and R-DMAIC-S models to plan, execute, and evaluate Lean changes
  • Use Lean thinking frameworks, including 5W-2H, Genchi Genbutsu and Gemba
  • Prepare for and complete a basic 5-S
  • Describe the key elements of Kaizen events, particularly a Kaizen blitz
  • Gather, analyze, and interpret data using flow charts, Ishikawa (fishbone) diagrams, SIPOC diagrams, and value stream maps
  • Go back to their organization with a plan to begin incorporating Lean into their corporate culture
  • Understand the Basics of Six Sigma.
  • Describe the seven quality tools to solve process problems.
  • Describe the various quality management tools.
  • Describe incremental and breakthrough improvements and understand the methodologies of continuous improvement projects.
  • Describe the importance of customer relationships in a quality organization


Currently, there are no public classes scheduled. Please contact a Phoenix TS Training Consultant to discuss hosting a private class at 240-667-7757.

Course Outline

Day 1

Module 1: Overview

Module 2: Understanding Lean

Module 3: The Toyota Production System

Module 4: The Toyota Production System House

Module 5: The Five Critical Improvement Concepts

Module 6: Understanding Value with the Kano Model

Module 7: Types of Waste

Module 8: Creating a Lean Enterprise

Day 2

Module 9: The Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Cycle

Module 10: Using the R-DMAIC-S Model

Module 11: Lean Thinking Tools

Module 12: Kaizen Events

Module 13: Data Gathering and Mapping

Module 14: A Plan to Take Home

Day 3

Module 15:Six Sigma Basics

Module 16: Improvement Tools

Module 17: Management Tools for Generating Ideas

Module 18: Continuous Improvement

Module 19: Customer Relationships

Module 20: Workshop Wrap-Up

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