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Managing Stakeholder Expectations and Relationships

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  • 2 days of classroom or live virtual instruction
  • Course textbook
  • Guided classroom exercises
  • Scenario-based readings
  • Notepads, pens, highlighters and other necessary course materials
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Course Outline

Lesson 1: The Reality of Project Management

Lesson 2: Project Complexity and Readiness Assessment

Lesson 3: Culture and Politics

Lesson 4: Understanding Stakeholders and What They Want

·         Stakeholder Identification

·         Stakeholder analysis

·         Stakeholders and the Requirements

·         Responsibility Assignment Matrix

·         Stakeholder Engagement and Expectations Management

·         Stakeholder Management Plan

·         Evaluate the Process

Lesson 5: Connecting Success and Constraints

·         Defining Success through Constraints

·         The Triple Constraint/Competing Demands

·         The Constraints Face-off

·         Setting Expectations

·         Success Acceptance and Approval

·         Project Charter

·         Beyond Scope, Time, and Cost

·         Success Factors

·         Enhance the Measurements

Lesson 6: Assumptions: The Project Manager’s Best Friends

·         What is an Assumption?

·         Specify and Record Assumptions

·         What Might Happen with Assumptions

·         Assumption Categories

·         Document Assumptions from the Start

·         How to Identify Assumptions

·         Assumption Log

·         Project Assumptions

·         Potential Backlash

·         Assume and Monitor

Lesson 7: Learn What Quality Means

·         Management Responsibility

·         About Quality

·         What is quality?

·         Cost of Quality

·         Quality Management Plan

·         Quality Considerations

·         Project Health

Lesson 8: Managing Project Change

Lesson 9: Designing and Managing Project Communications

·         Not a 50-50 Effort

·         Changing Project Management

·         Communication Planning

·         Team Contract and Ground Rules

Lesson 12: Organizational Influences

·         Critical Chain

·         Risk and Change Requests

·         Lessons Learned and Post Implementation Review

·         Project Rescue and Recovery

·         What is Recovery About?

Lesson 13: Integration: Putting It All Together

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