Planning and Designing Databases on AWS

Course Overview

In this 3-day AWS course, students will learn all about AWS databases so that students can determine whether a relational or non relational AWS databases is better for their workload. Students will be able to follow the process for planning and designing databases and gain an understanding of the eight different AWS database services. The course will teach students to:

  • Apply Database concepts, data management, and data modeling techniques
  • Evaluate hosting databases on Amazon EC2 instances
  • Identify relational AWS database services and their features
  • Identify non-relational AWS database services and their features
  • Identify how design differentiates amongst each service
  • Understand how to implement management capabilities for each service


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This course is intended for: Data platform engineers, Database administrators, Solutions architects, IT professionals


We recommend that attendees of this course have previously completed the following AWS courses:

  • AWS Database Offerings digital training
  • Data Analytics Fundamentals digital training
  • Architecting on AWS classroom training


3 days




Course Outline


  • Module 0: Planning and Designing Databases on AWS
  • Module 1: Database Concepts and General Guidelines
  • Module 2: Database Planning and Design
  • Module 3: Databases on Amazon EC2
  • Module 4: Purpose-Built Databases
  • Module 5: Databases on Amazon RDS
  • Databases in Amazon Aurora


  • Module 6: Databases in Amazon Aurora (continued)
  • Module 7: Databases in Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)
  • Module 8: Amazon DynamoDB Tables


  • Module 9: Databases in Amazon Neptune
  • Module 10: Databases in Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB)
  • Module 11: Databases in Amazon ElastiCache
  • Module 12: Data Warehousing in Amazon Redshift
  • Module 13: Course Review
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