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Project Planning, Scheduling and Control

This training teaches students critical skills required of project managers and individuals involved in the project management process.

Course Overview

This 3-day, instructor-led course teaches an applications-oriented understanding of issues you must confront. This training
provides students with an understanding of:

  • Strategies for dealing effectively with team members
  • Managing and facilitating project meetings
  • Techniques for dealing with contractors
  • Guidelines for setting up a project office


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Course Outline

Introduction to Project Management

  • What is a project?
  • What is project management?
  • How do you define success?
  • The project management system
  • Project management and ISO 9000
  • Project management and Six Sigma
  • The Lewis method of managing projects

The Project Management Institute and the PMBOK

  • Process versus knowledge areas
  • The five project processes
  • Knowledge areas

The Role of Project Manager

  • Its all about people!
  • Do you really want to manage?
  • Making your career decision

How to Achieve High-Performance Project Management

  • The High-Performance Project Management Model
  • The need for a new approach
  • Stages of development

Whole Brain Project Management

  • Thinking styles
  • Working motivation and the HBDI profile
  • Team dynamics
  • The balanced scorecard
  • Creativity and profiles

Headless-Chicken Projects and Hot to Prevent Them

  • The cold, hard facts
  • The causes
  • Mission and vision
  • Problems, problems
  • Defining closed-ended problems
  • Defining opened-ended problems
  • The fallacy of project management assumptions

Developing Project Strategy

  • What is strategy?
  • Generating and choosing the correct strategy
  • Putting it all together

Implementation Planning

  • Mistakes in planning
  • Development the work breakdown structure
  • Estimating time, cost, and resource requirements
  • Clarifying role and responsibilities
  • Gaining commitment from resource providers
  • Developing the project budget

Project Scheduling

  • The basics of scheduling
  • Software capabilities
  • Resource allocation

Managing Project Communications

  • Communication management processes

Managing Risks

  • The risk management process
  • Risk quantification

Project Control

  • Measuring progress
  • The pitfalls of reporting schedule only
  • Tracking progress using earned value analysis
  • Responding to deviations
  • Using graphs to track progress and forecast trends
  • Using spreadsheets to track progress
  • Alternatives to earned value
  • Project change control

Conducting Product Reviews

  • Reviews
  • Displaying progress
  • Process reviews
  • Conducting process or lessons-learned reviews
  • The process review report
  • Design reviews

Improving Project Processes

  • Identifying processes
  • Principles of process improvement
  • Operational definitions of problems

Managing and Facilitating Meetings

  • Meeting management guidelines
  • Marathon meetings
  • Important roles in meetings
  • Some guidelines for project meetings
  • More pointers for status meetings

Closing Out the Project

  • Administrative closure
  • The final lessons-learned review
  • Personnel issues in project closing

Managing Multiple Projects

  • Project, task, priority?
  • Personal effectiveness

Improving Your Effectiveness

  • The psychology of achievement
  • The laws that govern out lives
  • Self-concept
  • Programming your mind for success
  • Behave as-if
  • Mental rehearsal
  • Affirmation and goals
  • Relax
  • Autogenic conditioning
  • A word of caution

Working with Senior Managers

  • Helping your manager meet his needs
  • Educating managers about project management
  • Applying the HBDI profile to working with senior managers
  • Making presentations to executives
  • Understanding your manager’s point of view
  • Find a mentor
  • Final suggestion

Dealing More Effectively with People

  • Working with your project team
  • Motivation
  • Negotiating and influencing
  • Dealing with politics
  • Skill building

Trends in Project Management

  • Virtual project teams
  • Technology: for better or worse
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