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Public Speaking

Course Overview

In this one-day instructor led course, participants will master the skills that will make them a better speaker and presenter. A great presenter has two notable qualities: appropriate skills and personal confidence. Confidence comes from knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills. By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Speak with Confidence
  • Feel comfortable speaking in different social settings
  • Master Intrapersonal communication
  • Approach Speaking Opportunities
  • Recognize different viewpoints and opinions


Currently, there are no public classes scheduled. Please contact a Phoenix TS Training Consultant to discuss hosting a private class at 240-667-7757.

Course Outline

Module One: Course Overview

Module Two: Good Communication Skills

Module Three: Interpersonal Skills

Module Four: Getting Comfortable in Conversations

Module Five: Practicing Dialogue

Module Six: Redesigning for Strength

Module Seven: Professionalism

Module Eight: Maximizing Meetings

Module Nine: Sticky Situations

Module 10: Controlling Nervousness

Module 11: Tell Me a Story


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