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Ruby Programming Training

This training teaches students critical skills for developing a fundamental understanding of the Ruby programming language.

Course Overview

This course introduces students to the Ruby programming language which is the basics of the Ruby on Rails web development framework. Students will learn how to develop code which is elegant and maintainable. They will explore how to write solid object-oriented code using best practices.


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Course Outline

Getting Acquainted with Ruby

  • What is Ruby?
  • Features of Ruby
  • Tools You Will Need

Environment Setup

  • Local Environment Setup
  • Ruby Installation on Linux/Unix
  • Using yum to Install Ruby
  • Lab: Install Ruby
  • Ruby Command Line Options
  • Ruby Environment Variables
  • Interactive Ruby (IRB)


  • Whitespace in Ruby Program
  • Line Endings in Ruby Program
  • Ruby Identifiers
  • Reserved Words
  • Here Document in Ruby 
  • Lab: Ruby BEGIN Statement
  • Lab: Ruby END Statement

Classes and Objects 

  • Defining a Class in Ruby
  • Variables in a Ruby Class
  • Creating Objects in Ruby Using new Method
  • Custom Method to Create Ruby Objects
  • Member Functions in Ruby Class
  • Lab: Ruby Classes
  • Lab: Ruby Objects

If, Else, Case, Unless 

  • Ruby if…else Statement
  • Ruby if modifier
  • Ruby unless Statement
  • Ruby unless modifier
  • Ruby case Statement


  • Ruby while Statement
  • Ruby while modifier
  • Ruby until Statement
  • Ruby until Modifier
  • Ruby for Statement
  • Ruby break Statement
  • Ruby next Statement
  • Ruby redo Statement
  • Ruby retry Statement
  • Lab: Loops

Modules and Mixins

  • Ruby require Statement
  • Ruby include Statement
  • Mixins in Ruby


  • Expression Substitution
  • General Delimited Strings 
  • Escape Characters 
  • Character Encoding 
  • String Built-in Methods 
  • String unpack Directives 
  • Lab: Strings


  • Creating Arrays 
  • Array Built-in Methods 
  • Array pack Directives 
  • Lab: Arrays


  • Creating Hashes 
  • Hash Built-in Methods 
  • Lab: Hashes

File I/O 

  • The puts Statement 
  • The gets Statement 
  • The putc Statement 
  • The print Statement 
  • Opening and Closing Files 
  • The File.new Method 
  • The File.open Method 
  • Reading and Writing Files 
  • The sysread Method 
  • The each_byte Method 
  • The IO.readlines Method


  • Using retry Statement 
  • Using raise Statement 
  • Using ensure Statement 
  • Using else Statement 
  • Catch and Throw 
  • Class Exception 
  • Lab: Exceptions

Regular Expressions

  • Regular-Expression Modifiers 
  • Regular-Expression Patterns 
  • Regular-Expression Examples 
  • Anchors 
  • Special Syntax with Parentheses 
  • Search and Replace 
  • Lab: Expressions
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